Make a date with your Guilty Pleasure

You know you want to! Giving you the heads up for the outfit planning.

Guilty Pleasures: Lost in Space – Sixth Birthday party

Saturday 25th September /KOKO / 9.30pm – 3am

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away*, a long forgotten musical genre was rediscovered under a pile of brit pop schlop and trance anthem cds. It was rescued from this desolate wasteland of shame and embarrassment and placed back on the pedestal it deserved and once more recognised as the beacon of brilliance, hope and magic that is truly is. This, my friends was POP MUSIC.

And since this day it has been rejoiced to intergalactic heights by the cast of Guilty Pleasures at their many jamborees across the planet – from London to Barcelona, Toronto to Abu Dhabi, Edinburgh to erm, Keele University, the power of pop has conquered all.

On Saturday 25th September 2010 Guilty Pleasures will mark this day of discovery, with their Sixth Birthday Party: Lost in Space. Our love of pop is bigger than the universe and despite the kryptonite sneering remarks, negativity and endless “there’s only two types of music: good or bad” comments, Guilty Pleasures continues in it’s quest to bring euphoric glee and boundless enthusiasm of this wonderful world of pop to the people of earth.

Taking to the stage for the night will be the Guilty Pleasures djs, dancers, prancers and show offs that are:

Sean Rowley

Anna Greenwood

Hot Gusset


Father Oates and his Confessional Booth

Sci-fi is our theme and as always we extend the invitation to dress up as you deem appropriate: Darleks, rockets, robots, planets, Storm Troopers, Trekkies, occupants of interplanetary craft etc all welcome. We are your friends.

So come climb aboard our spaceship: After rocking the Edinburgh Festival, Guilty Pleasures will be landing on KOKO’s terrace for a party that’s going to be out of this world!

£16.50 / less in advance at

* Six years ago in Sean Rowley’s front room