DJ Dates




Saturday August 7th – Copenhagen Botanical Gardens (private event)

Wednesday August 18th – The Ned (The Vault – 9pm-2am)

Thursday August 19th – Electric House (9pm-1am)

Friday August 20th – Puttshack (6pm-11pm)

Saturday August 21st – The Ned (Roof – 5.30pm-10.30pm)

Thursday August 26th – The Ned (Roof – 6pm-11pm)

Friday August 27th – The Paxton (9pm-2am)

Saturday August 28th – 131, Cheltenham (times TBC)


Friday September 3rd – Electric House (9pm-2.30am)

Saturday September 4th – Dorset (Private event)

Friday September 17th – The House of St Barnabas (8pm-late)

Saturday September 18th – Electric House (9pm-2.30am)

Friday August 24th – The Eagle (times TBC)