The Adventures of Lulu Levan #4 – Friday April 24th!

It’s April and spring has sprung!

It’s that time again and Lulu Levan is back, once again, at the fabulous The House of St Barnabas on April 24th.

She will be getting the Garden Room rocking with a fine selection of tunes, from classics to spanking new releases. Expect a heady and playful mix of 80s electro, classic soul, disco, R&B, reggae and funk gems, early 90s house, future disco and deep house. Just imagine Chaka Khan having a tussle with Dimitri From Paris and Maurice Fulton and you’re almost there.

All killers, no fillers!

To RSVP for limited guest list and for more info, contact

Get social!

Photo of Chaka KHAN

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