“Stick your bum out like you’re being shagged”


One of the reasons I love Gymbox so much is the way the VPTs (Very Personal Trainers) instruct you with technique. In these last two sessions my trainer, Richie Byrne, with an Irish accent thicker than Katy Price (if that were possible) advised me, when we were perfecting the Romanian deadlift, to: “Stick your bum out like you’re being shagged.” Amazingly, it worked. Nailed it. Although it does conjure up some rather fruity visuals at 8.30am.

photo 1

Alongside the deadlift – I am now up to lifting 40 kilos, which isn’t bad considering I’m training with an irritating arm nerve issue – over the last two weeks we’ve been working on the horizontal back extension, kneeling hamstring curls, Swiss ball hamstring curls and a bit of prowler-pushing and running at the end. Although it all feels hideous at the time – particularly the Swiss ball hamstring curls, it makes me…

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