Eastern Magic

Love a boutique hotel to sip cocktails in with great service and stunning decor instead of sitting in a boozer with a pint and a packet of pork scratchings? Then you will love the new South Place Hotel located in the heart of the City. With its slick Conran design and warm atmosphere, this is a sparkling new gem much needed in what was becoming a flagging East End scene. Remember those wild GE Hotel parties a stones throw away in Liverpool Street a decade ago? Well, these won’t be re-constructed here, but what will be re-ignited is the similar vibe to the infamous GE Bar which became a second home to many of us every Friday night.

The first weekend launch went off with a soft sparkle, rather than a bang. A good basis to build on. With the superb location it won’t be long until the intimate bar will be buzzing with a who’s who of the London scene, with its New York downtown hipster vibe. What was the most impressive on our first visit was mostly the food. The Diner restaurant – one of the three eateries at the hotel – boasts classic British food at its best, with a twist. From lobster ‘mac’, Melton pork pies and chicken cob salad through to salt beef sandwiches and a good old hot dog. But what got our palettes salivating was the Hereford fillet steak – truly sumptuous. Worth a visit just for tucking into that, with extra crispy fries and Béarnaise sauce on the side. Magnificent.

The SPH has all the ingredients to become the latest East End hot spot – fabulous surroundings, fantastic food, great company – but the real tasty show-stopping topping will come into fruition with a little more creative zing in the entertainment programming, which will be applied with love, in time. The framework is there.  Looking forward to seeing it flourish over the next few months.

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