Guilty Pleasures Head to Edinburgh Festival

This year, for the first time in their giddy lives, Guilty Pleasures is taking its full-throttle, musical roller-coaster to the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe for an onslaught of dates to get the festival dancing to their pop beat.

Residing at the newest and most exciting venue at Edinburgh Fringe this year, the 600 capacity spiegeltent Assembly @ Princes Gardens, every weekend will see Guilty Pleasures putting on the razzle-dazzle for 16 glorious parties.

The “putative global phenomenon” (The Guardian) that is Guilty Pleasures, will feature Sean Rowley, singing and dancing dj Anna Greenwood, acrobatic dance troupe of manly proportions Hot Gusset and resident Priest Father Oates with his confessional booth, taking confession from the audience within the sanctuary of his booth and dishing out penance in the form of holy Vodka. Amen.

Guilty Pleasures will be embracing the Edinburgh Festival tradition of having fellow guest performers from Fringe shows to feature at the nights. It’s one great big pop party and everyone is invited!

A first for Assembly Festivals and Guilty Pleasures – never have the former brought a club night to the festival, but then this isn’t any old club.

4th – 28th August 2010
Assembly @ Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh
11.30pm – 2.30am

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