Are you the Next Girl DJ?

Any aspiring girl DJs out there? Well check this new contest out. I’m going to be blogging daily on the Next Girl DJ website and will be a judge at the live finals in May as well.

Next Girl DJ is a new Pan-European contest that aims to discover the hottest girl DJ around and propel her into dance music superstardom.

Audio giants JBL and sportswear aficionados ROXY are two credible brands synonymous with music and female culture, and are the brains behind this aspirational contest.

Next Girl DJ is not about slinging male talent to one side, but is about providing a space where girls can showcase their skills. More females are needed to exhibit their talent in what is, still, a male dominated environment.

Next Girl DJ is aiming to provide one girl a life-changing opportunity whilst changing the face of dance music history in the process – in the recent DJ Top 100, not one woman was represented. Thanks to JBL, ROXY and You, all this is about to change.

So are you passionate, ambitious and know how to throw down some tunes? Then what are you waiting for?

From thousands of competitors in the Next Girl DJ contest only 20 will remain for the live finals, which will be running in Paris, London, Berlin and Brussels, throughout May.

So you think you’ve got what it takes? Then Enter Here!

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